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What is Freesat?

Learn more about Freesat, the satellite TV service that offers hundreds of TV and radio channels without subscription.


Here in Spain Freesat Satellite Tv is proving to be the most reliable way to receive UK tv without a subscription service, There are no ongoing fees and you don't have to worry about a contract - but you'll need a dish fitted to your home to receive Freesat. While this can require an initial outlay for installation there is no further monthly costs. You'll also need a Freesat set-top box unless you have a satellite ready connection on your current  TV.. 

Which channels do you get?

Freesat tv gives you access to more than 200 channel options, with over 20 in HD. Alongside the five main TV channels – BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 – Freesat customers have access to the channels listed below.


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